Wires and Cables

Wires and Cables

Quality over All!

At Treman we take pride in the fact that we bring you quality wires and cables. As a renowned electrical manufacturer and supplier we never compromise on our customer’s safety. The wires you choose for your homes are exhaustively tested before-hand; nothing is left for later.

TV Wire(RG-6)
MULTI-STRAND(Copper Wire) (2)

Safety is Priority!

It is our utmost responsibility to deliver our finest to you, not just wires and cables, but each product that we manufacture and supply is very well taken care of. Our experts work tirelessly to make each product a huge success by evaluating the entire process constantly.

Wires & Cables!​

As a bona fide and renowned electrical manufacturer and supplier in Delhi, India, it has to be responsible for what it produces. With proper checks, safety and assurance from its professional experts, it strives to deliver nothing but the best, always.

Safeguard your Homes. Switch to Treman!

There is nothing above and beyond the safety of your loved ones and we never compromise on this aspect. So, what are you waiting for? Switch to Treman and make your homes secure for yourself and your loved ones.

Alluminium Wire

TV Wire (RG-6)

MULTI-STRAND (Copper Wire)

MULTI-STRAND (Copper Wire)

Products that Matter!

Treman has always strived to make a market that stands out from rest of its competitors, Way back in 1990, when the company was established, we could only think of being where we are today. It is with immense dedication and tireless efforts of the entire team at Treman that we have been able to distinguish our brand from others.