Modular and Conventional Plates

Sleek is the New Beautiful!

Just like every other product of Treman, these exclusive and sleek modular and conventional plates too reflect modernity. Treman as an electrical manufacturer and supplier in Delhi, India ensures that its products speak volume in terms of quality, durability and uniqueness.

R1 Switch
One way switch R1

Modern yet Conventional!

The modular and conventional plates are perfect for your homes and live up to your expectations of having the utmost delicate and sleek furnishings. The minute details of these plates are evaluated and processed constantly by our team of experts and professionals!

Living up to

Customers’ Needs!

Treman as an electrical manufacturer and supplier in Delhi, it delivers the finest of its products to the customers. You can thoroughly enjoy the products in the comfort of your homes that adorn the unique switch plates by Treman.

Creating Experiences!

Treman strives to create various experiences by bringing freshness to the table in terms of designs, simplicity and elegance. Each day, we work hard to bring something better to the customers and maintain the finishing of each of the products.

Teak Wood

Sandle Wood

Grey Wood


Silver Line

Rose Wood

Exemplary Products that Stand-out!

Treman has always strived to make a market that stands out from rest of its competitors, Way back in 1990, when the company was established, we could only think of being where we are today. It is with immense dedication and tireless efforts of the entire team at Treman that we have been able to distinguish our brand from others.