LED Lighting

Celebrate Love and Light!

Way back in 1990 when we started establishing our company, who would have thought that Re-tax Electricals’ brand Treman will be introducing LED Lighting that is not only environment friendly but is a bright light which helps you see much better and clearer.

Led deep light(03watt.)

Dedication. Focus. Hard Work!

The experts at Treman work constantly and exhaustively to supply and manufacture electricals that work well and last for a longer period of time unlike the traditional lighting.



They are much cooler as compared to the traditional lights we had back then when we started off way back in 1990. Being more energy efficient, it is capable for longer hours use. Treman as an electrical manufacturer and supplier in Delhi, India leaves no stone unturned to push its limits and set new benchmarks.

A Legacy in Making!

The experts and professionals at the Treman electrical manufacturing and supplying unit in Delhi, India is on its way to make a legacy that will be remembered and renowned for its top notch quality, skill expertise, updated technology and elegance.

Led T-Bulb

Commercial Light

Led Downlight Hexa


Led Street Light

Led Strip Light

T5 Poly Carbonate Tube Light

Poly Carbonate Led Surface Panel Light

Poly Carbonate Back-lit Led Panel Light

Poly Carbonate Back Lit Led Panel Light

Poly Carbonate Led Surface Panel Light

Led Full Diffuser Deep Light

Products that Attract and Make a Difference!

Treman has always strived to make a market that stands out from rest of its competitors, Way back in 1990, when the company was established, we could only think of being where we are today. It is with immense dedication and tireless efforts of the entire team at Treman that we have been able to distinguish our brand from others.