Fans & Fan Regulators

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Beat the Heat!

Who doesn’t like being under the fan in the scorching heat? As a bona fide electrical manufacturer and supplier in Delhi, India, has a variety of fans available. Ceiling fans, table fans, ventilation fans, wall fans, exhaust fans, cabin fans and fresh air fans.

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Enough of Sunny Blues!

So, what’s the wait for? Go seize the opportunity, my friend. Give your home the easy breezy look by bringing home the freshness of Treman and beat the sunny blues every day.


Friendly ‘Fan’!

Way back in 1990, at the time of establishment, there were not too many options or variety in what a fan could look and feel like. With the change in times, there came a variety in fans and we just moved along as per the modern requirements.

An Essential Appliance!

Treman has been able to capture the essence of all its products, which has also met the customers’ needs and requirements. With minimum design, great air circulation, the fan is a perfect addition to your living room, kitchen, dining area, offices and other settings.

Led T-Bulb

Commercial Light

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Led Deep Light

Led Street Light

Led Strip Light

T5 Poly Carbonate Tube Light

Ploy Carbonate Led Surface Panel Light

Poly Carbonate Back-lit Led Panel Light

Poly Carbonate Back Lit Led Panel Light

Poly Carbonate Led Surface Panel Light

Led Full Diffuser Deep Light

Products that Make a Difference!

Treman has always strived to make a market that stands out from rest of its competitors, Way back in 1990, when the company was established, we could only think of being where we are today. It is with immense dedication and tireless efforts of the entire team at Treman that we have been able to distinguish our brand from others.